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WorkSmart Training Course

Enhance employee confidence, ensure a safer workplace environment, positively impact employee retention.

Verbal De-escalation Training

DART has developed a number of trainings tailored to specific organizational needs. They include WorkSmart trainings (Verbal De-escalation Training and the Train-the-Trainer Course) and Fight Back 101 (a 2-hour personal safety class).

DART currently offers the 2-hour Verbal De-escalation Training either in-person or via the Zoom platform.

FREE Workplace Violence Safety Survey To Help Assess The Quality Of Your Workplace Safety Program.

DART's free Workplace Violence Safety Survey will help you evaluate the safety of your workplace environment and effectiveness of your policies. The survey will then provide you with a score based on a 100% scoring system.

After completing the survey, please feel free to download a PDF of the completed survey and its scores to share with your co-workers and/or employer. One will also be emailed to you.

Workplace Online Survey

DART's Verbal De-escalation Training

Our goals with the DART Verbal De-escalation Training are to increase staff confidence and decrease workplace violence. This 2-hour training can be customized to meet specific client needs. Learning objectives are that participants will be able to:

  • Describe the 4 elements of an effective Workplace Safety System.
  • Learn the importance of Situational Awareness: Identify the three major areas of workplace safety awareness and apply them to individual work environments.
  • Differentiate between the correct methods to respond to verbally and physically escalating situations.
  • Differentiate between the levels of verbal de-escalation and demonstrate their application to realistic workplace scenarios.

Currently DART's WorkSmart courses are only offered online via the Zoom platform.

For more information and to schedule a training for your organization use the Contact Button below.

DART’s Train-the-Trainer Certification

DART’s Train-the-Trainer program provides large organizations with the option to train select employees on how to conduct DART’s Verbal De-escalation Training, and licenses, on a yearly basis, the use of DART’s curriculum and materials.

This allows the client flexibility to ensure all their staff are current in DART’s Verbal De-escalation training. In addition, DART provides periodic evaluation of instructors to assure quality of technique and updates client on any modifications to the curriculum. Please contact us for additional information.

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